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Patio Heater

  Ecoline Patio Heater
Ecoline is a technological revolution on the market of patio heaters. The elegant appearance of the Ecoline on every patio is a great sight wheter in a private environment or in restaurants. Pratical. Two special burners can optionally be activated separately. They swivel and heat at 90┬░ angle in a targeted m...
  Patio heater
Patio heater with electronic starter. Safety tilt switch will shut off gas if heater leans or tilts to an unsafe angle. Will operate up to 20 hours from a common barbecue 20 lb cylinder....
  Radiant Flame Heater
Outdoor Flame Heater patio or terrace. A spiraling flame offers a stunning 360 degree visual effect while radiating comfortable heat to a space up to 20 x 20 ft. Two automatic shut off safety features: tilt switch, and in case of flame failure. Integrated wheel system for easy mobility. Automatic lighting. C...