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Second Stage

  MEGR-1622-CFF 1.3Mn BTU second stage
MEC Excela-flo, MEGR-1622-CFF, Second stage regulator at 1.3 million BTU, In 1/2"FPT at 10PSIG and Out 3/4"FPT at 11 inches W.C. Orifice 7/32"...
  Pietro Fiorentini Governor series 2 PSIG
Suitable for use with Natural Gas, LPG, and other non-corrosive, clean gas Inlet Pressure: 3 inches W.C. to 2 PSIG CSA approved Max. Inlet 7.25 PSIG for non-CSA applications Outlet pressure: 2 inches W.C. to 14 inches W.C. and up to 4.25 PSIG for non-CSA applications Temperature range: -40 degres F to 150degr...