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HP regulator

  325‑L Series Maxitrol 2 PSI no vent
Designed for use on residential, commercial and industrial applications where vent lines are not required. They can be used outside, but need to be protected from the elements....
  325‑L Series Maxitrol 5 PSI no vent
Maxitrol?s 325-L series line pressure regulators with OPDs are for use on 5 psi piping systems. The regulator reduces pounds pressure to a level within the appliance or equipment?s operating supply range. The line regulator is located upstream of equipment already fitted with an appliance regulator. The 325 s...
  M-63Q 5PSI HP regulator
Adjustable 5 PSI regulator and QCC adapter with safety valve for connection to a standard 20 lbs tank. Available for R65HP device....
  M-67 0-30PSI high pressure regulator
In 1/4FPT, Out 1/4FPT...
  M-72P HP regulator 10 PSI
  MEGR-1122H-AAJ first stage out/10PSI 1 Mn BTU
These first stage regulators are used to reduce LP gas tank pressures for a second stage regulator (normally 10 PSIG). In 1/4"FPT Out 1/2"FPT...
  MEGR-6120-60 0-60PSI high pressure regulator
MEC Excela-Flo In 1/4FPT, Out 1/4FPT MEGR-6120-60...